I am more than happy to paint on a commission basis. Prices vary on work according to size and subject matter. Please contact me at if you are interested in commissioning a custom piece.
"Tony's View (Navajo Lake, NM)" • 22x26

Vincent & Dori Lopez commissioned this work as a memorial to their son Tony who passed away while stationed in Germany in 2003. As often as possible the family would plan vacations away from the hussle and bustle of the Chicago area that included camping at Navajo Lake, NM. After Tony passed away they spread his ashes in this spot above Navajo Lake so that he would always be a part of his favorite camping area. While they had many photographs of the area they felt a painting would be a nice way to memorialize their son.

"Happy's Riverboat" • 12x16

Commissioned by New Orleans Value Added Foods for their Chef Happy's Fine Products Labels.

Happy's Riverboat is named after the founder of Chef Happy's, Ehab "Happy" Abdelbaki, who's nick name is a great description of one of the happiest and friendliest people around. He also makes a mean Crawfish Etouffee!

Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina destroyed this painting in 2005. Chef Happy 's Fine Products is now in Baton Rouge, LA after thier New Orleans headquarters were destroyed.

"Trinity" • 22x28

Commissioned by Jeff and Dominica Smith for their parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Jeff and Niki thought that since their parents were members of and had been married in Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Farmington, NM it would be nice to commission a painting of the church for their parents Anniversary.

Obviously they were right, because it made their mom cry. In a good way.

"Sandia Backyard" • 22x28

Commissioned by Myles Shragg for his wife Shelley Smithson on her birthday.

Pictured below are two of the studies that I did for "Sandia Backyard." The first is a pencil value study and the second is a color study. Both are aproximately 8"x10".

"The San Juan" • 22x28

Commissioned by Steve Hearn, "The San Juan," is a painting of The San Juan River near quality waters in Northern New Mexico.

"Reflections" • 36x48

Commissioned by Merrion Oil & Gas' employees, "Reflections ," was a Christmas gift for T. Greg Merrion. It is the largest watercolor I have ever painted at 3' x 4'. Because of it's size I chose to paint it on canvas. Also there was a tight turn around were I had only two weeks to finish the painting. While adding a bit of stress the tight deadline added an air of fun to the whole project.

It is hanging at the corporate headquarters of Merrion Oil & Gas.