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Childhood memories:

I spent many of my preschool hours in art galleries with my mother, Lola Furman. At that time my family lived Albuquerque, NM. My mother was active in the artist community, hanging , judging, and entering art shows.

I was three or four years old, watching my mother paint. She left the room with her oil pallet out and a painting on the easel. I wanted nothing more than to paint. So that is exactly what I did. I don't remember Mother being angry when she came back, but she did give me appropriate supplies to create my own art.

As a child, I thought that all mothers were artists. In the first grade I asked my best friend where her mother kept her paintings. She told me that her mother didn't have any paintings, that she didn't know how to paint. I was very curious what she did all day so I asked.

"Oh, clean house, I guess,"was the answer. I didn't think that sounded fun and I said so. When I got married fifteen years later, I received as a gift, a painting from my friend's mother.

In May of 2004, I retired from the Farmington Municipal School District as an elementary school librarian. I now devote the majority of my time to painting, quilting, wood carving, scrap booking and ...whatever sounds interesting.

I currently live in Farmington, New Mexico with my husband, Ed. We have three grown children. Michael, lives in Farmington, NM. He is a graphic designer and owns his own business, Imagine That Design. Michael is also an artist. Be sure to look at his web site right next door. Steven, a computer whiz, works for the Farmington school district as their computer tech and his wife Amy, an x-ray tech at San Juan Regional Hospital. In March Steven and Amy presented our first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl named Jordan. Amy and Steven are both involved in Rock Crawling, Amy is a two-time World Champion in the legends class. Our daughter, Stephanie and her husband, Ben Griffith, finished college at NMSU this spring. Stephanie earned her Masters degree and Ben, his Bachelors degree.

I love the Southwest. As I look out at the beauty of this glorious land, the light, the color, the people, I'm filled with gratitude; gratitude for the chance to live here and share with you the beauty of our country.

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San Juan College
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University


Lola Furman, my mother, mentor and best friend
Mayoma Keeley, NMSU summer studies while in High School
Lloyd Goff, New York City, New York
Merlin Enabnit, Chicago, "World Renowned Colorist"
Ken Barrick, NMSU
Arleta Pech, Denver, Colorado
Carole Barnes, Colorado
Ann Smith, Farmington, New Mexico
Dwight Lawing, Farmington, New Mexico
Milford Zornes, California
Tom Lynch, Chicago, Illinois
Carl Purcell, Utah

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